Vote to keep or change our neighborhood name

Outreach and voting are in progress for residents and owners to decide whether to change the neighborhood name Mosby Woods. So far you may have seen an update to the front sign, and association members on our email list have received an email. If you have not already, soon you will also receive, in the mail, a card with an FAQ and a link to the vote. These communications are all from the Mosby Woods Community Association.  If the vote is to REMAIN, the process is complete. If the vote is to CHANGE, we will share a process for selecting the new name.

Eligible voters are defined as all residents of the Mosby Woods neighborhood who are 18 years of age or older, as well as non-resident neighborhood homeowners. Membership with MWCA is not required. (If you have not paid this year’s dues, we encourage you to do so! The $15 per-household fee  supports community events and communications. Contact us if you need help.)

Finally, for anyone who did not closely follow the City’s process changing street names, we can share this clarification. The City of Fairfax does not own neighborhood names. The neighborhood name is owned by its residents and owners, and so the City is not involved in this process. We encourage our community to vote on this CHANGE or REMAIN decision

VOTE now through March 31.

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