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Naming discussion at upcoming general membership meeting

This note from MWCA President Bob Reinsel was originally included in the October Tattler. In December 2020, the Fairfax City Council formed a community stakeholders advisory group as part of its Connecting Fairfax City for All initiative. This group has been diligently discussing how three key parts of our City image may be ready forContinue reading “Naming discussion at upcoming general membership meeting”

Neighbor condolences, summer through September

Obituaries and other major life milestone announcements can be shared on our site. Please spread awareness of this new type of neighborly news on the website and reach out to add yours using Contact Us or by emailing Condolences This collection of remembrances is not all-encompassing, including just the subset we are immediately awareContinue reading “Neighbor condolences, summer through September”

City Council to review Stakeholder report

This past Tuesday, September September 28 the City Council met for a regular meeting. They followed up on their September 15 meeting at which City staff presented to Council the Connecting Fairfax for All Stakeholder Advisory report and recommendations. Council discussion clarified that accepting the report would move them into a thorough and thoughtful review,Continue reading “City Council to review Stakeholder report”

Update on Connecting Fairfax City for All Initiative

The Connecting Fairfax City for All Stakeholders Group will present its recommendations regarding confederate iconography in the City tonight. According to the Engage Fairfax website: “The Connecting Fairfax City for All stakeholder advisory group will present recommendations to City Council during a public meeting at 7 p.m. at the Sherwood Community Center, located at 3740 Old LeeContinue reading “Update on Connecting Fairfax City for All Initiative”

Tonight: City’s Last Listen and Learn Session

Join in tonight at the City of Fairfax’s final community listening and learning session, Thursday, June 24 at 7pm. The topic, according to the Connecting Fairfax City for All section of the Engage Fairfax website, is “Commemorating the Civil War: Listening to Community Voices.” The featured speakers are: Blake Myers, President, Bull Run Civil WarContinue reading “Tonight: City’s Last Listen and Learn Session”

Join the City’s Listening and Learning session tonight

A note from Juliette Shedd of George Mason’s Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution: Below is the information for tonight’s session on “Understanding Community Perceptions of Confederate Symbols within a Framework of Trauma” with Dr. Merri Davis. City residents are invited to participate in thought-provoking conversations that connect current realities with the city’s historicalContinue reading “Join the City’s Listening and Learning session tonight”

Art in Mosby Woods

As part of the Spotlight on the Arts festival, City of Fairfax residents will be asked to turn their front yards, balconies and neighborhoods into a drive-by art gallery.  From April 23 – May 9 residents of Fairfax will be able to create art displays in their front yard.  The displays can be made of whatever theyContinue reading “Art in Mosby Woods”


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