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Council vote on street names Nov 29, pubic input due by Nov 28

The City Council meeting November 15 included a public hearing for input on proposed new street names for the 14 streets selected for rename. The names were proposed and discussed but not finalized. The meeting video can be viewed on the City website and the presentation slide deck is available here. (Please note that theContinue reading “Council vote on street names Nov 29, pubic input due by Nov 28”

General Membership meeting Thurs, Oct 20

The annual MWCA General Membership meeting will be held Thursday, October 20, 7:30 PM at Green Acres Center. The agenda includes a treasurer’s report, election of area directors, meeting with a City representative on the the Plantation Parkway Neighborway project, and notes from the City’s Office of Community Development and Planning. Members are welcome toContinue reading “General Membership meeting Thurs, Oct 20”

4th Annual Mosby Woods Turkey Trot & Sidewalk Stroll

With the possible exception of our school-age children or those of us starting to rake leaves again, everybody’s happy that autumn is finally here!  It also means the return of one of our beautiful neighborhood’s fine traditions: our (now 4th) Annual Turkey Trot & Sidewalk Stroll on Thanksgiving morning.  It’s a great way to celebrate our families,Continue reading “4th Annual Mosby Woods Turkey Trot & Sidewalk Stroll”

Contribute ideas to City’s Street Name Survey

With the City Council vote complete as of July 12, 14 streets will be renamed. The City is now requesting input on new name ideas. Visit this new Engage Fairfax page for links to Frequently Asked Questions and to the name idea survey.

Neighbor seeking tandem bicycling partner

Looking for experienced and confident bicycle rider interested in captaining a tandem bike. No captain experience needed, training provided. 25 mile rides, working up to 60-70. Shorter rides and multiple captains welcome. Training for the 50 State Ride in Sept. Available early mornings, evenings & weekends. If interested, please contact

City Council votes to rename all 14 street names up for consideration

Tonight the City Council voted to rename all of the street names up for consideration. The vote was conducted street by street for each of the 14 streets identified as having Confederacy themes by the Stakeholder Group in their report last fall. Eight of the 14 streets to be renamed are in Mosby Woods: ConfederateContinue reading “City Council votes to rename all 14 street names up for consideration”


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