City considers proposed traffic management on Fair Woods

The City Council has been discussing proposed transportation plans along Fair Woods Parkway. The project is described as making Fair Woods a “neighborway.” The traffic management changes are under consideration — not approved — and are available for review on Engage Fairfax. Any questions or feedback you have are best directed to the Council throughContinue reading “City considers proposed traffic management on Fair Woods”

Community votes for name “Mosby Woods” to remain

Over the past four weeks our community conducted a vote to determine whether the name of our neighborhood should be changed, or whether it should remain Mosby Woods.  Voter engagement was high from beginning to end.  Thank you to everyone who shared your opinion on this question. We are lucky to have so many neighborsContinue reading “Community votes for name “Mosby Woods” to remain”

Today last day to vote, results announced next week

Today is the deadline to cast your vote for our neighborhood name “Mosby Woods” to CHANGE or REMAIN. If you have not already, please VOTE before today, Friday, March 31 at 11:59pm EST. Details about the voting process and frequently asked questions are on our Community Forward page. Once voting closes we thank you forContinue reading “Today last day to vote, results announced next week”

Vote to keep or change our neighborhood name

Outreach and voting are in progress for residents and owners to decide whether to change the neighborhood name Mosby Woods. So far you may have seen an update to the front sign, and association members on our email list have received an email. If you have not already, soon you will also receive, in the mail, aContinue reading “Vote to keep or change our neighborhood name”

Sign updates in progress; City requests delay in executing address changes

Yesterday and today City staff have been updating street signs in the neighborhood as well as at the intersection of Fair Woods Parkway and Fairfax Boulevard. The City shared this request to residents with updated street names: Post Date: 01/03/2023 The names of 14 streets officially changed on Jan. 1, 2023, and the U.S. PostalContinue reading “Sign updates in progress; City requests delay in executing address changes”