Ongoing Vote and Questions Answered

The vote on whether to keep or change the neighborhood name Mosby Woods is ongoing. Reference our Community Forward page for all the details on who can vote, what we’re deciding, and how to vote.

VOTE now through March 31.

Here are a few notes addressing questions posed to the Board and to

Google account

We have added one FAQ to the Community Forward page beyond what the paper mailer included:

11. NEW: Do I need to use a Google account to vote on the Google form?

Yes. If your email address is not a gmail account, the ballot page will ask you to sign in to a Google account to vote. Here are the steps to to create a free Google account using your existing (non-gmail) email address

Electronic voting

Voting through the online Google Form is safe and secure. If anyone has difficulty voting online, please email or call Mitch Sutterfield at 703.691.0311.

Mailer status

Some households have not received the 8×10 inch postcard mailed via USPS approximately Saturday March 4. Rest assured the card was sent to all homes in our neighborhood and to addresses of owners who rent out their Mosby Woods homes while living elsewhere. If your card did not arrive due to issues with USPS, you can view it here. We are using multiple communications methods to ensure we reach all community members, including the front entrance sign, member email list, social media, and the website.

Pool board vote on pool name

The Mosby Woods pool board held an in-person meeting for all 2022 pool members last Thursday, March 9. Members were invited to discuss the question of whether to keep or change the pool name with a plan to vote first on that question and then, if the vote was to change, vote on a new name. Discussion revealed that a number of members in attendance as well as members who had sent their vote via proxy had rename preferences contingent on the neighborhood naming outcome. They therefore postponed the pool rename vote and planned for the future vote to be conducted online.

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