Community Forward

Progress together.

This page has, in the past, served as the launching point for conversations about our street and neighborhood names. The City finalized changing eight of our street names January 1, 2023. In March, 2023 MWCA facilitated a vote deciding whether the neighborhood name “Mosby Woods” should CHANGE or REMAIN. 64% of the vote was for REMAIN.

We remain a community, connected through our beautiful neighborhood. It is our opportunity to listen to each other, keep learning, and move forward together.


More details of the March vote can be found on our blog and on our Community Forward archive page. The archive page and blog also includes some of the work we did as a community in 2020 through 2022, learning the history of and thinking about the significance of our street names.

For more details on the City of Fairfax renaming project, visit the City’s archived project page on Engage Fairfax.

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