Council vote on street names Nov 29, pubic input due by Nov 28

The City Council meeting November 15 included a public hearing for input on proposed new street names for the 14 streets selected for rename. The names were proposed and discussed but not finalized. The meeting video can be viewed on the City website and the presentation slide deck is available here. (Please note that the list of new street names being considered is slightly outdated. The latest list is on the Engage Fairfax site.)

The presentation deck includes more information about the address update support the City will provide. Some organizations specifically ask that residents NOT submit change of address requests since it is being handled holistically. (Voter registration and USPS)

The presentation also includes the calendar of upcoming milestones. Public comment is open through November 28 at 5pm and can include contribution of new name ideas or feedback on existing choices. Use the Engage Fairfax site to comment. The next City Council meeting, November 29, will include council vote on the names. That evening we should know the final names, and the City will manage outreach by email and mail to all impacted residents with the new names. Outreach will include details about the roles the residents and City need to take in renaming (already available in the November 15 presentation deck.) New street names will become effective January 1 and new street signs installed January 2.

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