City Council approves new street names for January 1

The Fairfax City Council met November 29 to vote for new names for each of the 14 streets designated for renaming. Here are the new street names approved within Mosby Woods.

Here are the newly approved street names for the eight roads in Mosby Woods, to take effect January 1, 2023:

Confederate Lane –> Continental Lane
Plantation Parkway –> Fair Woods Parkway
Raider Lane –> Fox Lane
Ranger Road –> Cardinal Road
Reb Street –> Cross Lane
Scarlet Circle –> Crimson Circle
Singleton Circle –> Concord Circle
Traveler Street –> Old Robin Street

Additionally Mosby Woods Drive was approved for rename to Fair Woods Drive.

The new street names for roads outside of Mosby Woods were also approved.

The small portion of Rt 29 called Lee Highway from Kamp Washington west to the City limits was approved for rename to Main Street. This essentially extends the existing Main Street as you travel west from the City center and turn left at Kamp Washington.

Lee Street –> Lilac Street
Old Lee Highway –> Blenheim Boulevard
Stonewall Avenue –> Stone Wall Avenue

There are currently two sections of Mosby Road separated by a creek. Mosby Road was approved for rename in those two sections. The west part — from Ted Grefe Park to Orchard Drive — was approved for change to Orchard Court. The east part from Burke Station Road to Ted Grefe Park was approved for change to Grefe Drive.

When the City Council meeting video is posted online, discussion before the vote starts at hour 4:02:25. Voting begins at 4:22:50.

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