Street Names Poll Results

Street Names Poll
From April 4 through April 14 the Mosby Woods Community Association conducted a poll of the Mosby Woods community with the goal of understanding the community perspective on changing the name of streets that are identified by the City’s Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) in their 2021 report to the City Council.  

The poll was structured to mimic the upcoming vote by the City Council on individual street names.  Eight streets in Mosby Woods were identified by the SAG.  Respondents were presented each street name with the option to select “Yes – the street name should be changed” or “No – the street name should not be changed.”

A ninth question was included to evaluate the community’s thoughts on renaming the neighborhood. 

494 invitations to participate in the poll were emailed to members of the Mosby Woods Community Association. 235 members completed the poll for a response rate of 47.7 percent. In addition, an open link to the poll was posted to the Mosby Woods Families Facebook group which is open to association members and non-members.  This link generated an additional 22 unique responses which brought the total number of responses to 257.

Poll results were presented to the Mayor and City Council on April 15.

Poll Results can be viewed at this link: Poll Results

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