City next steps on street rename, upcoming open house

The City Council meeting from April 12 is available to watch online. Several of our neighbors spoke their views related to potential street name changes at the open comment period (0:46:00). The meeting also included about an hour of Council and City staff discussion of the recommended new policy for city street renaming and for historic markers (2:09:00). Both policies were passed.

Upcoming dates for the street renaming project:

  • April 18
    • Open House from 6 to 8pm at the Sherwood Center. This is a forum for public feedback.
      • The City is working to ensure everyone is aware of and invited.
        • Postcards were sent to all City addresses. The cards should arrive approximately April 15.
        • Door hangers are being distributed to all properties on streets listed for possible rename
        • They are using other channels like social media and outreach to neighborhood groups like ours.
  • May 10
    • City Council meeting at which the Council will vote yes/no to rename each of the proposed streets
  • May 11 – July 11
    • 60 day period for public comment on new street names with a TBD date in June for public outreach on the subject 
  • July 26
    • City Council meeting at which the Council will vote on new names
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