MWCA President’s Message: Naming Projects

This content was originally published in the March edition of the Tattler.

At some point we come to the realization that the only constant is change.

Many of us, including me, are uncomfortable with changes in our lives, however change happens regardless of whether we are comfortable or not.

On Tuesday, March 1, the City of Fairfax Council held a work session where staff provided an update on the City’s process for making changes to the city seal, historical markers and monuments, and street names.  I recommend that all of us take about 15 minutes to watch the recorded discussion on street names and look at the staff presentation slides.

During the discussion, the city clerk indicated that staff is requesting a vote by the Council on whether to change each of the street names that were recommended by the Stakeholder Advisory Group in September 2021.  To be clear, the request is that the Council vote yes or no on each street name individually.  They will not be choosing new names at that time. The tentative date for the City Council vote is April 26.  

What does this mean for Mosby Woods?

Members of the City Council have requested at least one opportunity for public input prior to the vote.  At this time, no public hearings or feedback sessions have been scheduled, but the expectation is that there will be at least one.  MWCA will keep a close eye on this and will communicate dates and times as soon as they are published.  

MWCA will be circulating a poll to members of the association requesting each member to record their preference (yes or no) regarding each proposed street name change in the neighborhood. This poll will only be sent to active MWCA members, so please submit your membership form today if you haven’t already done so. 

Mosby Woods street names that have been recommended for change are:

Confederate Lane, Reb Street, Plantation Parkway, Ranger Road, Raider Lane, Scarlet Circle, Singleton Circle, Traveler Street. 

Recommendations for other parts of the City include: Mosby Woods Drive, Mosby Road, Stonewall Avenue, Lee Street, Lee Highway, and Old Lee Highway.

MWCA will provide the results of the poll to the City Council.  

So now what?

Please continue to pay attention to this conversation by reading the Tattler, community emails, and any news from the City.

If you wish to comment directly to the City you may do so on the Engage Fairfax site.

If you have not yet joined or renewed your membership, please submit your membership form and $15 dues right away.  

The Tattler, and future emails, will be sent to members only.  Membership questions may be directed to

Our community is a wonderful place.  I encourage everyone to keep in mind that we are the glue that holds it together.  All of our neighbors deserve civility and respect regardless of their opinions on this matter.  Also remember that we do not know what is happening in other people’s lives, or what kind of issues they may be dealing with on a personal level.  Our compassion, care, and neighborliness are what makes this place special for all of us.

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