City progresses rename project, shares next dates

The City Council’s Working Session March 1 included discussion of the Connecting Fairfax for All effort. Updates from our Community Association will be available in the next Tattler, but here is a brief summary of the March meeting.

City staff shared a presentation in which they outlined the upcoming dates for Council action:

  • April 5. Work Session discussing:
    • proposed new policy for naming of City-owned streets
    • proposed new historical marker policy
    • plans for public engagement
  • April 12. Regular Meeting including voting on:
    • both proposed new policies (streets and historical markers)
  • April 26. Regular Meeting including voting on:
    • each proposed street and place name recommended for naming. This does not mean voting for new names, but finalizing which streets will be renamed.

There was extensive discussion of and commitment to seeking community engagement and input on what new names to consider and select. The presentation also included a list of ways the City would support residents and businesses directly impacted by address changes.

Additionally, staff presented three draft directions for an updated City seal. The concepts all used input from a public input survey, and the Council responded with informal directional input. The estimated timeline for a City-wide rollover to using a new seal is August 2022.

The City is also making progress on adding context and broadening the story shared on several historical markers.

The staff presentation also included updates from Fairfax County as they progress efforts to rename county-owned Lee Jackson and Lee Highways. The county is currently gathering feedback on a list of proposed new names and their next milestone is in June, sharing that feedback.

Additional details are available in the presentation from March 1 and the meeting itself is available online.

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