Renaming logistical considerations

This information was originally published in the August special edition of The Tattler.

Recently many of you have reached out to the Community Association with
questions about what could happen if the City decides to rename one or
more of our neighborhood streets. The Community Forward team has looked
into these questions and found some answers that may help us as we engage
in our community outreach. If you have other questions that you would
like to ask, please email them to:

Part of the Community Forward Mission is to research questions that we receive and to respond to the entire community with answers that will inform us as we talk
through the issues.

Q: Can the Mosby Woods Community Association actually change a street name?
MWCA does not own our roads and does not control the names of our
neighborhood streets. Our roads are owned by the City of Fairfax and street
name changes would be made by an action of the City Council.

Q: If my street name changed, would I need to manually inform every one of
my contacts of my new address (credit card company, banks, relatives,
Amazon, church directory, etc.)?

If the City decides to rename a street (as they did with Fairfax Blvd,
for example) they would notify the US Postal Service (USPS). USPS would
update its address database for all of the homes and businesses on that
street. The USPS process for this is well established and used frequently.
Mail sent to the old address would be automatically sent to the new address
for 18 months. Customers would not need to submit any forms to USPS and
would incur no financial charges for the change.

Residents would need to inform their personal contacts of the change during the USPS 18 month transition period.

City utilities would be informed by the City directly and the change would be automatic and at no charge. Personal utilities such as internet and cell phone providers would need to be updated by individual residents, similar to any other notification of address change.

Q: Would I need to retitle my home? What would that cost?
According to the City of Fairfax Attorney, no title change would immediately be required and there would be no associated cost. A title change to reflect the new street name would be handled in the normal course of business when a home is sold or retitled for some other reason, such as being put into a trust. Land records
are not actually tied to street addresses, they are tied to the tax map parcel
number, which does not change.

Q: How would any changes be reflected on services like Google Maps and Waze?
Google Maps, Waze, Uber, Mapquest/TomTom, and other similar services all welcome comments and corrections to the place names listed on their services, pages, and apps. A correction would be submitted as soon as the official name change is
approved. (Note: After the installation of new street signs, Google Maps and
Waze updated “Rebel Run” to “Lion Run” within one week.)

Q: How would I update my driver’s license or vehicle registration? Could that be done online instead of waiting in line at the DMV? And what would it cost?

According to the Virginia DMV website, if you are a current Virginia resident, you can update your Virginia address online, in person, via phone, or via mail with a straightforward “Virginia address change request” at no cost. If you would like a replacement driver’s license (not required) there is a $32 fee. The only information required to make this change is

  • your current driver’s license number
  • your birthday

DMV address changes are automatically and immediately reflected in Fairfax voter rolls as well.

Vehicle registrations can be updated online at no charge. Updates would need to be completed within 30 days of a change of address. The information required to make this change is a) your title number, and b) your vehicle identification number (VIN). If you have any additional questions about the above, contact the DMV directly at (804) 497-7100 weekdays 8am-5pm or Saturdays 8am-noon.

Q: If my street name changes how would emergency services find my house?
The City of Fairfax would coordinate with the regional 9-1-1 emergency services prior to any change to make sure proposed changes are acceptable and do not duplicate other road names within the service area. All offices impacted by the name change (fire, police, EMS, etc.) would be informed seamlessly when changes
occur in the system.

Have more questions you think the community might like answered? Please reach out to us at and we’ll try to help.

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