Is Neighbors for Change the same as Community Forward? No.

Some residents have expressed confusion between two groups working on possible place renaming.

Community Forward

The Community Forward advisory team is a group of volunteers commissioned by the Mosby Woods Community Association. It is currently composed of 27 community residents who have expressed an interest in helping us reach out to every home in the neighborhood. The group is focused on:

  • Context. Researching and providing information for our neighbors to consider during our conversations. Subject areas may include history of the neighborhood, understanding John Mosby, understanding our place in the present day, and what the future may look like.
  • Community Outreach. Developing a process so that every voice that wants to be heard in the process can be. They will consider ways to collect input from MWCA members and non-members. They will also research answers to questions that are received from the community. Some things this team may coordinate are: hosting conversations and asking for opinions, listening to residents’ ideas and concerns, sharing themes about what we hear, and developing a report that reflects community perspectives and positions.
  • Communications. Designing communications that are timely and relevant and distributing them to the community via email, newsletters, social media, or other appropriate platforms.
  • Stakeholder Engagement. Engaging people and organizations outside of Mosby Woods who have an interest or are impacted by our efforts, or who from whom we will need information to be successful.

Community Forward helped the Mosby Woods Community Association create the special edition Tattler distributed in August and focused on possible renaming.

Advocacy Groups

Neighbors for Change is a separate group advocating for renames. Their vision and mission is available on their website. Their membership includes members of the Mosby Woods neighborhood, and their website shows they are also interested in renaming in the Old Lee Hills neighborhood.

Neighbors for Change recently distributed materials to some Mosby Woods homes including magnets and a flier.

There maybe other groups also engaging in local rename considerations, including some in opposition to change.

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