Putting the “unity” in “community

As the Mosby Woods Community Association’s Community Forward group dives into questions and conversations about possible renames, we’re experiencing new connections. We’re meeting neighbors we didn’t already know, and we’re banding together to work on something sensitive.

This time in America and in our neighborhood is an important opportunity to listen and to be open. All residents have the chance to express our ideas and to truly listen to each other. As Bob Reinsel, our association president, noted in the special edition Tattler, “I will measure the success of the Community Forward project not on how much or how little change occurs, but on how unified we remain as a community.”

One of the driving forces behind renaming places that reference troubled times or old thinking is fostering inclusiveness. And no matter what comes of this project in our own community, we are in a special moment when we can choose to include all of our neighbors. We are looking forward to finding honest connection with everyone and becoming stronger together.

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