The history and process of renaming streets in the City of Fairfax

  Did you know that street names in Fairfax have changed from time to time? In 2004 the City changed the name of Lee Hwy. (Rt. 50 & Rt. 29) to Fairfax Blvd. as part of a rebranding effort. The City also changed Rebel Run to Lion Run in June 2020. This change coincided withContinue reading “The history and process of renaming streets in the City of Fairfax”

Community Forward September-to-October updates

The Community Forward working group has continued to meet each week as whole as well as in smaller teams. We have been working to educate ourselves on the relevant issues and ideas involved in possible street or neighborhood renaming, we’ve been having conversations with neighbors over email, and we’ve been preparing to connect with ourContinue reading “Community Forward September-to-October updates”

The renaming discussion is about “PRIDE”

Our neighborhood encompasses 537 homes, most with more than one resident, and each of us has our own thoughts and opinions on the issue of potentially renaming places or streets. Some have strong opinions; others are hard pressed to care when other life issues loom much larger by comparison. Many of us experience multiple conflictingContinue reading “The renaming discussion is about “PRIDE””

Register for Community Forward live listening sessions

A shorter version of this content was originally published in the September Tattler. The Tattler is available to association members (and we welcome all to join!), but we are very eager to reach all Mosby Woods residents with all Community Forward updates. Please share this with any resident you think may not be hearing fromContinue reading “Register for Community Forward live listening sessions”

August’s Special Edition Tattler has been Distributed!

Block captains have distributed paper copies of this August’s special edition The Tattler. Email subscribers also received the newsletter in mid-August, and you can link directly to it here. This special newsletter features our new Community Forward effort. The Community Forward team of volunteers in learning about input factors to possible street or neighborhood renamesContinue reading “August’s Special Edition Tattler has been Distributed!”

Is Neighbors for Change the same as Community Forward? No.

Some residents have expressed confusion between two groups working on possible place renaming. Community Forward The Community Forward advisory team is a group of volunteers commissioned by the Mosby Woods Community Association. It is currently composed of 27 community residents who have expressed an interest in helping us reach out to every home in theContinue reading “Is Neighbors for Change the same as Community Forward? No.”

Renaming logistical considerations

This information was originally published in the August special edition of The Tattler. Recently many of you have reached out to the Community Association withquestions about what could happen if the City decides to rename one ormore of our neighborhood streets. The Community Forward team has lookedinto these questions and found some answers that mayContinue reading “Renaming logistical considerations”

Putting the “unity” in “community

As the Mosby Woods Community Association’s Community Forward group dives into questions and conversations about possible renames, we’re experiencing new connections. We’re meeting neighbors we didn’t already know, and we’re banding together to work on something sensitive. This time in America and in our neighborhood is an important opportunity to listen and to be open.Continue reading “Putting the “unity” in “community”