Naming discussion at upcoming general membership meeting

This note from MWCA President Bob Reinsel was originally included in the October Tattler.

In December 2020, the Fairfax City Council formed a community stakeholders advisory group as part of its Connecting Fairfax City for All initiative. This group has been diligently discussing how three key parts of our City image may be ready for changes, namely our City seal, historical markers and monuments, and street and neighborhood names that reflect images of the past that are not in line with the city Government’s vision for the Fairfax of the future.

The stakeholders group has concluded its work and presented a report to the City Council that contains a number of recommendations.

Our general membership meeting on October 14th will include a discussion of this report and what it may mean for the residents of Mosby Woods. Join online at 7:30. As we know from our own Community Forward effort, conducted in 2020, our neighbors have many different ways of thinking about our neighborhood street names. This diversity of thought will help us come together in a dynamic conversation with the City about how we can partner to achieve the goals that will be established by the City Council.

That conversation is shifting from whether there will be change to what kind of change is likely to occur. I know this is not an easy conversation. However, I have great faith in our neighbors and their ability to keep Mosby Woods the great neighborhood that it is.

We are building on nearly 60 years of work as an organized community. We can work through whatever changes may come, and we can continue to thrive as a warm, welcoming neighborhood that values its identity as a great place to live.

Be well, and stay safe.

— Bob Reinsel, President
Mosby Woods Community Association

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