City Council votes to rename all 14 street names up for consideration

Tonight the City Council voted to rename all of the street names up for consideration. The vote was conducted street by street for each of the 14 streets identified as having Confederacy themes by the Stakeholder Group in their report last fall. Eight of the 14 streets to be renamed are in Mosby Woods:

  • Confederate
  • Plantation
  • Raider
  • Ranger
  • Reb
  • Scarlet
  • Singleton
  • Traveler

After the vote, council members commented on the process and shared their perspectives and rationale.

The City aims to post the video and meeting notes “reporter” on their website as quickly as possible. In the interim, they linked from their Facebook page to this Patch article showing the vote breakdown per street and per council member.

The next step in the City’s process is public engagement and a process for new name selection.

Our neighborhood name is not determined by the City.

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