Updates from the City’s Connecting Fairfax for All

The City announced their selections to the Connecting Fairfax for All stakeholder group. The group includes four residents of Mosby Woods—those listed from precinct 5 as well as our Association’s representative and the Neighbors for Change representative. Precinct 1: Kevin KruczekPrecinct 2: Gabrielle Ravanera and Jay LambPrecinct 3: Patrick Murry, Minoo Kim, and Marbea TammaroPrecinct 4: Grace Francis, CantrellContinue reading “Updates from the City’s Connecting Fairfax for All”

Observances of the Civil War 100-Year Anniversary 1961 – 1965

The 100 year anniversary of the Civil War was 1961 – 1965. Its kickoff coincided with the dedication of the Mosby Woods neighborhood in 1961.  Adopting a civil war theme was part of the marketing strategy for the development, which sought to capitalize on increased interest in the centennial in particular, and the civil warContinue reading “Observances of the Civil War 100-Year Anniversary 1961 – 1965”

Why our neighborhood names are under review

The debates over names and symbols used to represent a community are not new. Over the past several decades there have been repeated conversations about representation in state flags, monuments, sports mascots, and in the names of schools, municipal buildings, and major thoroughfares. These debates tend to flare up after incidents that cause public outrage, such asContinue reading “Why our neighborhood names are under review”

Progress Update from Engage Fairfax

In October, the City of Fairfax announced its Connecting Fairfax City for All initiative to study racial and social equity in Fairfax City.  The initiative includes establishing a 15-person Stakeholder Group reflecting diverse interests to facilitate community discussion and to make recommendations to the City Council.  The City has recently provided the following update on its progressContinue reading “Progress Update from Engage Fairfax”

Aspects of the Civil Rights Era When Mosby Woods was Established

As we continue to explore the historic context of our neighborhood, the Community Forward team has conducted research into the Civil Rights era of the 1950s and 1960s when Mosby Woods was established. We make no attempt to draw any conclusions as to the thought process behind the founding of Mosby Woods or the motivesContinue reading “Aspects of the Civil Rights Era When Mosby Woods was Established”

Holiday Decorating Takes a Modern Twist

The spirit of the holidays comes alive as we decorate our homes with whimsical inflatables and sparkling lights.  Judging of these masterpieces is set for Sunday, Dec. 20 starting around 6 pm.  In accordance with refinements adopted by the MWCA Board, decorations will be judged in two distinct categories: 1. Children’s Choice to include all yardsContinue reading “Holiday Decorating Takes a Modern Twist”

An invitation to participate from the City of Fairfax’s name review team

This is a message directly from the City of Fairfax to residents. Fairfax City Seeks Applicants for Community Engagement Stakeholder Group Fairfax City has launched Connecting Fairfax City For All, a candid and open dialogue around issues of racial and social equity. We invite you to participate in the first step of this initiative by applying toContinue reading “An invitation to participate from the City of Fairfax’s name review team”

Civil War Summary, Part 2: Major Battles

As our neighborhood explores our relationship with our street and community names, the Community Forward team has researched and written about topics deemed contextually relevant. This blog post is the second in a two-part series providing a very brief summary of the civil war. Read Part 1: A Fight Over Slavery and explore more contextContinue reading “Civil War Summary, Part 2: Major Battles”