Art in Mosby Woods

As part of the Spotlight on the Arts festival, City of Fairfax residents will be asked to turn their front yards, balconies and neighborhoods into a drive-by art gallery. 

From April 23 – May 9 residents of Fairfax will be able to create art displays in their front yard.  The displays can be made of whatever they like.  Create a sculpture out of recycling for the week, turn the driveway into a work of art with sidewalk chalk, or buy some plywood and paint a mural!  The options are endless.

If the art work will be sensitive to the weather, the Drive by Day for the Neighborhood Art Celebration will be May 1 (Rain date May 2).   There will be a Google map for residents to sign their houses up to be a part of the gallery.


Artwork must be visible from the street. Should not exceed 6’ wide or 6’ tall, or block views of turns and the road for passing motorists.

  • Artwork can be created by as many members of the household as would like to participate. 
  • All ages welcome!
  • Artwork may be displayed from April 23 – May 9.
  • Artwork may NOT contain obscene, inappropriate, or defamatory words or images.

Mosby Woods has requested a limited number of art kids. Please reach out to Chris Bowles ( to request a kit that will include a 2×4’ piece of plywood, a can of Chalkboard paint, and rainbow chalk to create your own chalk board. Supplies are limited.

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