Safe trick-or-treating guidelines

With Halloween right around the corner, we want to make sure that our all our neighbors are celebrating this holiday safely.  Some neighbors have been asking how others will be celebrating this season with COVID. The City of Fairfax and the CDC has said that traditional Trick-or-Treating is not recommended for Halloween this year.  To see their recommendations see the following links:

Some neighbors within the community would still like to have their children walk around and have suggested the following ways to safely Trick-or-Treat. These suggestions are for those who want to participate in trick-or-treating, as well as those who do not.

Trick-or-Treating Time: October 31st, 5:00 – 9:00pm

Houses interested in participating, please…

  • put a table at the end of your driveway with goodies to pick up along the tabletop – do not use a bowl. This will prevent trick or treaters from ringing doorbells of those houses not participating and would deter crowding around a doorstep or candy bowl.
  • make sure goodies are wrapped and maybe consider baggies to avoid crowding when picking out goodies – we want to encourage a simple and quick pick up
  • if you plan to be near the table, please maintain social distance and wear a mask

Houses NOT interested in participating, please…

  • leave your porch light off during the trick-or-treating hours

Trick or Treaters interested in participating, please…

  • wear a mask over your mouth and nose (Costume masks do not replace cloth masks.)
  • maintain social distancing guidelines when approaching other groups and families (6 feet)
  • only approach driveways participating, do not approach doors or ring any doorbells.
  • do not crowd around candy tables 
  • take only one to two pieces of candy remember there are other families
  • walk on the side of the street were cars drive so that there is a one-way flow of traffic.  This will also help with preventing crowds and help with social distancing.

Please be safe this Holiday season!!!

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